Localized or Server-Based Control of Equipment Infrastructure

SHOPGRID® Application Component

SHOPGRID® Application Component

Localized or Server-Based Control of Equipment Infrastructure

Delivers secure and unified process control through API, component library or custom code. Equipment HMI and SCADA interfaces are possible through collaboration with the personnel closest to your process.

Web or Application-Based HMI GUI

System Process and Equipment Insight Broker

Designed to be integrated with SHOPGRID® or used as standalone component

SHOPGRID® Application Component is a customized catch all module for nonstandard applications. Integrated into a cloud or localized source location allows for improved control and process streamlining.

Unique Project Requirement

Implementation of Secured / Secret / Proprietary Specification

Legacy Equipment Integration

Custom Design Implementations


Flexible modules that advance your shop floor operations by identifying key patterns and occurrences in real-time on a digitized interface. All modules are scalable and can be integrated in to the MES Core system.


Digital Manufacturing, Execution and Intelligence Software read more

SHOPGRID® Communication Server

Device Integration and IIoT Data Broker read more

SHOPGRID® Application Component

Localized or Server-Based Control of Equipment Infrastructure read more

SHOPGRID® Data Bridge

Data Communication Gateway Between Business Systems and SHOPGRID® read more


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SHOPGRID® Intelligent Routing

Artificial Intelligence Product Route Planning read more

SHOPGRID® Dynamic Reporting

Realtime Data Reporting, Real Data Control read more

SHOPGRID® NC Program Generation

NC Program Generation M&G Code Data Broker read more


DXF Generator, Imaging Your ERP Data read more

SHOPGRID® Services

Integrated customizable services that improve your shop floor operations. Used as a standalone product or in collaboration with other services and modules.

Digital Manufacturing

Integrated system comprised of tools to create manufacturing process digital and paperless read more

Manufacturing Intelligence

Unifies real-time access to shop floor status, monitoring critical manufacturing parameters read more

Manufacturing Execution System

Control complex systems, shop floor data flow, automates execution and performance read more

Custom HMI and Application Development

Multi-platform HMI framework, Design, Develop and Deploy read more

Manufacturing Data Collection

Implemented tools and methods to collect metrics that quantifies predictive performance read more

Manufacturing Data Mining

Explore and analyze data sets to identify patterns and relationships to generate strategic output read more

No floor is too small for SHOPGRID® Digital Platform


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